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I have not photographed the local rugby team for almost a year now as I mostly focused on other things and in 2017 devote much more free time to delibarate image creaction process. However, I realized that creating and looking for images goes hand in hand and that I also need to refresh my eye when looking for peak moments. It is also a great opportunity for me to observe the human figure that I so much struggle to draw these days.

And so it was fun, even though the forecasted rain never came. 

As usual, I photographed with Fuji X-T2 with 100-400 which is plenty fast for action sports, going as high as ISO 1600 to freeze the action. I never use tracking, as I have not figured out a way of telling the autofocus to pick the right players in those fast moving piles of people. So it is always a single point, continuous AF and very short 8 fps bursts.

We arranged for a Watch me grow photoshoot with Pavla, PavlĂ­nka, Jirka and Jiricek after some time before they become a family of 5. The September days became really cold just last week and so it seemed like a warm jacket session. To our surprise the weather and the light was just perfect on the late Tuesday afternoon.

You can do a lot in less than 60 minutes if all the elements work out. Great weather, great location and the whole family in excellent mood. I am a photographer that looks for spontaneity. does not pose much and does not overcomplicate family photography with external lights, reflectors and assistants. One camera (Fuji x-t2), my favourite portrait lens (Fuji 90mm), aperture wide open. 

We have walked around this little pond inside the town, stopped and photographed a few times. It was fun and at the same time a very productive session. I am a firm believer that the family sessions with little kids have to be snappy and fun, natural and completely respecting the people. People I photograph are usually ok with being photographed but making the session longer than one hour would definitely start to annoy them (it would definitely annoy me). Not that they would tell me directly but the expressions change and the focus shifts somewhere else.

Deciding fast about good spots, moving around, keeping the kids laughing and giving them their own extra time for their own portraits, occasionally allowing them to use my camera to take a few shots as well has always worked well for me.

And the Watch me grow projects once again proves that it is a good opportunity to meet people, have some fun and at the same time keep the observation skills up to the level.