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Practical Info

I always ask for an early pre-wedding meeting to talk in general about the wedding, see the places, and take a few informal portraits. This is meant to help you make a final decision about me as your wedding photographer. You pay nothing extra for it, you can keep the photos even if you decide not to hire me.

My mother tongue is Czech but I speak a number of languages. Do not hesitate to contact me in English, French, Russian, German or Spanish. I live in Ceske Budejovice and am comfortable to drive.

I will ask for a wedding plan in advance, including times, addresses, phone numbers. I will also be curious about potential surprises you might expect, or you prepare. This helps me photograph and move around freely, be early at key places and eliminate as many questions at the wedding day as possible.

You will get my short email note a week before the wedding and an SMS the evening before, saying that everything is OK with me.

On the wedding day I always plan to arrive to the agreed place at least one hour before the time we agreed on. I check the place and get myself ready.

I double or triple equipment - two cameras and sets of lenses with me, third one in the car. I even double clothing.

Unless we agree on it, I will not expect food and drinks to be served to me, a place at the table etc. Even if offered, I will eat only lightly and drink only water. If offered a place at the table, I prefer a corner to be able to move freely.

For long weddings, I will appreciate accommodation afterwards. A very simple hostel will do, I am also fine with my sleeping bag.

I will not keep you long for the formal wedding portraits, 40 minutes is usually enough. I might hijack you for another 20 minute round in the evening light.

I do not use flash at the official ceremony (church, etc.). I plan the photos in advance, and try to disturb the moment as little as possible.

I do not mind other friends / family photographers, will get my images first and also give the opportunity to them. It is good to have a larger variety. I will talk to videographers to see what they envisage to shoot.

I will want to meet you again to hand out personally all the photos. I think this will be a more suitable time to settle the financial matters than the  wedding day.

Your photos are archived to several places during the postproduction - internal hard drive, external RAID drive, cloud storage (internet), client gallery.

You will have the ownership rights to all images. I will kindly ask you to agree on a selection for my portfolio and blog.