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I use the edited photos to re-create the story of your wedding day. I put photos in the context of each other, I try to go beyond a simple photo album. I create real, thick books, 160 - 240 pages, with a hard-cover. I use a printing company called Blurb (www.blurb.com). They print great books for reasonable prices (you should not compare those to prices of books in the bookshops - those get printed in thousands of pieces). The layout and design of the book is free, you only pay the price that Blurb charges for printing and delivery.

How do I get your book done?

  1. I lay-out the book during the week after your wedding and send you a PDF file for review and comments
  2. you review the book for all the photo and text components and email me the changes
  3. I work on the changes and send you a new version for final review
  4. we agree on the final version and number of copies to be printed
  5. I send the book for printing
  6. about 14 days later I bring you the finished book
  7. I share a web link with you where you can purchase more books with your credit card if you like


Undecided and in reading mood? Here are a few reasons for getting the book.

Throughout my photography career I learned a few important things:

  • the flexibility of digital files in our computers is just great. But how often do we go and just browse though the galleries of thousands and thousands of non-edited images? Men think they do it. Well, not so often as they believe. Women rarely enjoy this kind of viewing experience. And grandmothers just do not appreciate our laptops, they still prefer our photos on their cupboards.
  • no matter what the geeks say, digital files get destroyed. Scratches on the CDs, harddrive errors, unintentional deletes. And who says that your grand-grand son will not say in fifty years "Oh, grandpa, all those jpegs, where the hell shall I find a programme to open it with?"
  • how many of your friends come to visit you for a drink and then sit with you in front of your computer with a glass of good wine and enjoy your photos? IsnĀ“t it easier to imagine that you take a photo book off the shelf for anyone to enjoy it?
  • if you lend a book to someone, chances are pretty high that they will at least flip through the book. Not so much with a CD or a website full of photos.
  • printing a large number of digital photos for storing them in a old-fashion album often ends up as an unfinished project - there are always more exciting things to do than just sit and glue photos, even though they come from your wedding

I run into these reasons every so often as a photographer. And I believe the book is an answer to many of these issues.

I will enjoy creating a book for you.