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Wedding. A very special occasion. For the couple. For their families. An event that took weeks and months of planning. A photographer is just a link in the chain. His work is there to later support fading memories of the day.

We all enjoy the fresh wedding albums, but what we appreciate the most are the wedding photos of our grand-, or even grand-grandparents. And that's what is precious to them as well.

Before every wedding that I am asked to photograph I like to remind myself of all these truths. Now we have great technologies to capture and re-create the story of the day. Still, it makes our photographic life only a hair easier. Well, maybe not. Maybe more difficult. We have the means to capture a lot. However, we are the ones to decide what "a lot" consists of. While the photographer moves on, the photos remain to bring those moments back in the decades to come.

One needs a good set of skills and qualities to do it. Routine and creativity. Perspective and attention to detail. And one needs to put it to practice at the very same time. Wedding photography is a complex assignment. I respect the fact. I prepare myself carefully. But I never let myself feel overprepared and keep my eyes wide open at all times.

Weddings are stories. Stories are here to be retold. A good story-teller needs to feel the story, to understand it. I am not pretentious. I do not believe that my images can re-tell a story of every wedding. I will gladly come to see you and we talk first. I get to know you and you get to know me. Take your time and only then decide.

In the end, it is your story.